Accu-Mold LLC announces the appointment of Walter Hill as Strategic Sales Director

Portage, MI (July 6, 2015) Walter Hill has joined the staff of Accu-Mold LLC as Strategic Sales Director. Mr. Hall will lead the Sales function of Accu-Mold and will collaborate with the entire Accu-Mold team to develop short and long term sales plans that support Accu-Mold’s business plan of diversification within the automotive supply chain.  Accu-Mold specializes in metal to plastic conversion as well as multi-cavity, close tolerance; high and low volume manufacturing and assembly of plastic injection molded components. 

“Walter is a seasoned Sales professional with over 20 years’ experience in negotiating agreements in the automotive, commercial and heavy truck industries,” noted Dave Felicijan, President of Accu-Mold.  “His knowledge of the plastics industry, engineering aptitude and leadership abilities, including development of patented products, will allow Accu-Mold to achieve the segmented growth as planned.”

Prior to joining Accu-Mold, Mr. Hill’s experience included commercial development in automotive electronics and lighting, interior and exterior components and assemblies as well as focus on manufacturing of aerodynamic solutions for the truck and trailer industry for the purpose of reducing fuel consumption and lessening of greenhouse gas emissions. 

“Walter is well versed in leading diversified commercial initiatives and we are looking forward to his leadership of our process driven Sales and Customer service responsibilities during our growth.” added Felicijan.