Mno-Bmadsen is the non-gaming investment arm of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians (the “Tribe”). This independently managed instrumentality of the Tribe was launched in 2012 with the mandate to diversify the Tribe’s business interests, revenue streams and wealth for future generations. We do this by investing some of the treasury from the Tribe’s gaming enterprise. We also reinvest our returns to optimize our strategy.


None of Mno-Bmadsen’s employees or portfolio managers is an elected tribal official and our investment platform is governed by an independent board. There is complete buy-in from tribal leaders who respect the independence of Mno-Bmadsen allowing us to make investment decisions based solely on investment policy and deal metrics.

Diversifying the Tribal Economy -  Mno-Bmadsen has three actively managed investment portfolios: Services (the Seven Generations Group), Manufacturing (the Mno-DREK Group), Commercial Real Estate (the Red Tail Group). We avoid investing in companies with high R&D costs, such as medical research and early-stage companies, as well as businesses that are heavily regulated.

Economic Advantages & OpportunitiesAs an instrumentality of a federally recognized Indian Tribe, Mno-Bmadsen has a built-in economic advantage in terms of deal pricing and deal metrics because portfolio companies are not subject to federal, state and local income taxes. This allows us to negotiate aggressively for portfolio companies because our expense calculations are different than they would be for other, non-tribal businesses. This tax advantage is also passed through to portfolio companies in the form of U.S. government privileges, immunities and rights expressly granted through the Mno-Bmadsen charter. This is a major economic advantage to working with Mno-Bmadsen that other bidding companies cannot offer.

​Strategic Goals for Investments - Mno-Bmadsen continuously grows the Tribe’s non-gaming wealth and business operations by building its business capacity to strengthen and increase an alternative stream of revenue for our citizens.

Investment CriteriaThe number seven is important to the Pokagon Band. Mno-Bmadsen has seven guiding principles and values, known as the Seven Grandfather Teachings, which are ubiquitous in application to the investment strategy, fund and management of Mno-Bmadsen and its family of companies. Mno-Bmadsen has established stringent investment criteria, taking into consideration that these investments will act as the cornerstone of the Tribe’s future. Our investment philosophy, as well as that of the Pokagon Band, is to be cognizant and thoughtful of how the decisions we make now will impact the next seven generations.

Mno-Bmadsen is a private capital investment vehicle that resembles a family office (“Tribal Investment Office”) because our investment horizons are long-term (Seven Generations). Our strategy is to buy, hold and grow our family of companies.