Our Philosophy

Mno-Bmadsen is a force for good and a catalyst for economic growth by improving the lives of current and future generations of the Pokagon Band as well as the lives of our neighbors. We are a positive, non-political, forward-thinking and capacity-developing organization. Mno-Bmadsen has added hundreds of new jobs throughout the community and grown a number of local businesses. This continues to build trust, community and goodwill within the Tribe and with our neighbors.

“Seven Generations” Thinking

Our investment philosophy, as well as that of the Pokagon Band, is to be cognizant and thoughtful of how the decisions we make today will impact the next seven generations.


Let one of our greatest legacies be given to a generation that we will never know.

The Seven Grandfather Teachings

The number seven is important to the Pokagon Band. Mno-Bmadsen has seven guiding principles and values, known as the Seven Grandfather Teachings, which are ubiquitous in application to the investment strategy, fund and management of Mno-Bmadsen and its family of companies. . Adapting these deeply rooted ideals into contemporary circumstances has made the Band an engine for economic development and a model for sustainable living in the region.

Wisdom | Mbwakawenewen: To cherish knowledge is to know Wisdom. Wisdom is given by the Creator to be used for the good of the people.

Love | Debandewen: To know peace is to know Love. Love must be unconditional.  When people are weak they need love the most.

Respect | Wdetenmewen: To honor all creation is to have Respect. All of creation should be treated with respect. You must give respect if you wish to be respected.

Bravery | Wedasewen: Bravery is to face the foe with integrity. To do what is right even when the consequences are unpleasant.

Honesty | Kwekwadzewen: Honesty in facing a situation is to be brave. Always be honest in word and action. Be honest first with yourself, and you will more easily be able to be honest with others.

Humility | Edbesendowen: Humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of Creation.  You are equal to others, but you are not better.

Truth | Debwewen: Truth is to know all of these things. Speak the truth. Do not deceive yourself or others.