Mno-Bmadsen is the good path to good business

We are the non-gaming investment enterprise of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi

We make sustainable long-term investments

Our decisions will benefit the next seven generations

Our mandate is to diversify the business interests, revenue streams, and wealth for future generations of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi

Mno-Bmadsen is a non-gaming investment enterprise and wholly-owned instrumentality of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi. We invest some of the treasury from the Pokagon gaming enterprise and returns generated by Mno-Bmadsen investments. We are focused on acquiring good investments and good companies and finding ways to add value and to help them grow through our tribal strength, status, and strategic expertise.

As a Pokagon Band of Potawatomi citizen, I am most proud of the growth I have seen. Mno-Bmadsen remains focused on “the good path” that will continue for the next seven generations.

Linda Cook

Mno-Bmadsen Board of Directors Chairwoman

Mno-Bmadsen plays an integral role in providing opportunities for our citizens, clans, and communities. It is imperative that we have integrated economic pathways for a rich and thriving future.

Sam morseau

Pokagon Band Tribal Council Secretary

We buy, hold, and grow well-managed companies to expand the Mno-Bmadsen portfolio and the economic development investments of the Band to enhance quality of life for future generations.

julio Martinez

Mno-Bmadsen CEO


Mno-Bmadsen invests in multiple robust industry sectors

Professional Services

Bodwé Group leads our architecture and engineering services offering, including full-service capabilities for buildings, site development, transportation, and infrastructure projects from coast to coast. In addition, Bodwé offers staffing services for many roles within federal agencies, including the Defense Health Agency, Department of the Interior, Army Corps of Engineers, and others. Growth in this vertical is focused on synergies with current geographies and current Indigenous, federal, municipal, healthcare, education, and transportation clients nationwide.


Operations of our manufacturing businesses are overseen by Mno-DREK Group, a private equity platform company located in Mishawaka, Indiana. Founded in 2017 by DREK Holdings, the investment management company funded by David J. Razzano and Eric J. Karaman and well respected for its proven management and manufacturing industry expertise. The firm focuses on acquiring small and mid-size manufacturers in the metalworking and plastic industries. In 2018, Mno-DREK decided to partner with a financial sponsor, Mno-Bmadsen.


Our construction investments are currently focused on D.A. Dodd, the Midwest region’s leading mechanical contracting business, known for completing the most complex jobs the industry has to offer. From four locations in Indiana and Michigan, D.A. Dodd has grown into a multimillion-dollar company, deploying the area’s most skilled technicians including pipefitters, plumbers, and food service experts.

Commercial Real Estate

Following the completion of majority ownership in 2023, Cressy Commercial Real Estate offers commercial brokerage and property management services as well as property development and light build-out construction. In addition, Mno-Bmadsen owns a portfolio of commercial property, managed as passive investments.

Building a sustainable future through long-term investment

Since the Pokagon Band was founded, the Tribe has embraced a network of self-sustaining trade and self-reliance within the community. Today, Mno-Bmadsen helps sustain our Tribe through investments that will contribute to our thriving culture for centuries to come.


Join our values-driven family

Shared mission

Our calling is to diversify the business interests, revenue streams, and wealth for the Pokagon Band for future generations.

People first

Our companies share common values that build character and teach us how to care for ourselves and each other.

Beyond ourselves

We create jobs and support local businesses, building trust, community, and goodwill within the Tribe and with our neighbors.

Contact us

If you are interested in discussing investment opportunities, please send us a note using this form.

For media inquiries, kindly contact our Vice President of Communications, Micky Martin at (269) 783-4111.


Mno Bmadsen
415 E. Prairie Ronde St.
Dowagiac, Michigan 49047


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