The good path to good business

Roughly translated, “Mno-Bmadsen” is the Pokagon phrase for “the good path.” “Mno” means “good” and “Bmadsen” is an abbreviation of the word “Bmadzewen,” which means “way of living.” This name reflects how our values and principles guide us in all that we do as an investment firm.

Mno-Bmadsen provides the good path to good business.

That path is built upon our seven generations philosophy of making investments today that will positively impact the next seven generations of our Tribe. This stems from our Seven Grandfather Teachings, which are the foundation of the Pokagon Band and all that we do.

The Mno-Bmadsen Family of Companies provides architecture, engineering, land-use planning, environmental mitigation and restoration services, construction, mechanical contracting and plastic molding to the commercial, government, and tribal markets.

Since the Pokagon Band was created, the Tribe has embraced a network of self-sustaining trade and self-reliance within its community. Mno-Bmadsen is the next step in sustaining our Tribe through mergers, acquisitions and investments that will allow us to continue to thrive in the centuries to come.

Our Mission is to advance the long-term economic self-sufficiency for our Band by acquiring existing and well-managed companies that are generating profits and have prospects for long-term viability. We buy, hold and grow the Mno-Bmadsen Family of Companies.  



We have also created the Pathways Program, the collaborative effort between our tribal government and the Mno-Bmadsen Family of Companies to provide the skills and career opportunities for adults to explore vocations that provide personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Chartered under the laws of the Pokagon Band, Mno-Bmadsen was formed in 2012 to diversify the tribe’s business interests while maintaining a separation between business and tribal government.

The Mno-Bmadsen family of local businesses currently employs more than 300 people. The Mno-Bmadsen family of five companies serves more than 325 clients in the three states of Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. Our portfolio earns more than $85 million in annual revenues. 


The Mno-Bmadsen Family

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