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Mno-Bmadsen is the good path to good business

We are a positive, non-political, forward-thinking, and capacity-developing organization. We are a catalyst for economic growth by improving the lives of current and future generations of the Pokagon Band as well as the lives of our neighbors.

family of companies

Investments to help our Tribe continue to thrive for generations to come

Pokagon Band embraces a network of self-sustaining trade and self-reliance within the community. Mno-Bmadsen is the next step in sustaining our Tribe for future generations through mergers, acquisitions, and investments in actively-managed portfolios as well as passive investment holdings.

Professional Services

Bodwé Group offers architecture and interior design, master planning, environmental consulting, federal support services, and structural, civil, and MEP engineering. Bodwé serves Indigenous, federal, municipal, and private clients across the country through a growing list of companies.

Construction Services

Our construction services group is growing thanks to some of the most skilled tradespeople in the industry. D.A. Dodd mechanical contracting is known for successfully tackling the industry’s most complex jobs and continues to increase its footprint throughout the greater Midwest.

Manufacturing Services

Operations of our manufacturing businesses are overseen by Mno-DREK Group, a private equity platform company located in Mishawaka, Indiana. Mno-DREK capabilities includes metalworking as well as injection molding product design and production for plastics and rubber industries.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Cressy Commercial Real Estate provides best-in-class, turnkey real estate solutions focusing on property development and services for the commercial sector. Our goal is to be the premier tribally-owned real estate development, investment, and consultation firm in the United States.

Retail Services

Not your average gas station convenience store, Bent Tree Market boasts a beautiful and clean environment where Tribal citizens can look forward to discounted gasoline and tobacco, as well as wide variety and a robust selection of healthy food options in addition to fun snacks.

Passive Investment Holdings

Red Tail Properties was organized to diversify risk away from operating companies by investing in real estate holdings located predominantly within Pokagon ancestral homelands. Investments include independent operating businesses, real estate that houses operating portfolio companies, and undeveloped real estate.

Investment criteria

Mno-Bmadsen is the non-gaming investment arm of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi. This independently managed instrumentality owns subsidiary companies that operate within certain targeted vertical industries in accordance with its Long-Term Investment Plan. We also manage a portfolio of passive-income investments. The Mno-Bmadsen team has set in place established criteria for deploying capital that drive the investment thesis and will act as the cornerstone of the financial future of the Pokagon Band.

Our preferred investment criteria are detailed and flexible, including geographic reach and focus, financial track record and growth strategy, multiples and valuation approach, management team and transition, majority/minority ownership, and federal client relationships. Our prohibited investments include start-ups and early-stage businesses, gaming sector (except for suppliers), limited partner stake investments, and companies with high R&D expenditures that are capital intensive or are heavily regulated such as hi-tech, life-sciences, bio-med, or bio-tech.

For more information about our investment criteria within our industry verticals of professional services, construction, manufacturing, and real estate, please contact us.

Investment plan

Mno-Bmadsen updated its initial five-year Long-Term Investment Plan (LTIP) where managers are focused on buying, holding, and growing well-run and profitable companies. The primary addition to the plan was to make further investments to grow existing portfolio companies along with bolstering Federal capabilities. Along this investment path the consolidated assets and earnings for Mno-Bmadsen are expected to grow steadily as the strategy leverages the anticipated economic tailwinds of strong earnings and synergies.  

Now that the fund has a proven strategy and track record, we have split our investment model into separate portfolios: Professional Services (Architects, Engineers, and Real Estate), Construction, Manufacturing and Real Estate Assets. Combined, the goal is to continue to build a diversified portfolio that produces strong returns on invested capital for future generations of Pokagon citizens. To do that, every investment sector will have a group president to execute the day-to-day management of his or her portfolio performance. This will be accomplished through a highly disciplined oversight system of financial management, information analytics and talent development to support portfolio value.

Investment opportunities

Our investment strategy is defined broadly as buy, hold, and grow. This is commonly known as the patient investor model. We see to acquire well-run profitable companies. Currently we have investments in the following sectors:

  • Professional Services – Architecture and Engineering Design, and Commercial Real Estate
  • Construction – We currently own a large Commercial HVAC and Plumbing Construction and Service Company. We are seeking a Construction management company to add to this Vertical.
  • Manufacturing – We currently have 3 operating companies. We are seeking a parts production company to add in this vertical.
  • We are seeking a platform investment in the utility sector as an expansion of our suite of companies. Preferably one that creates synergies with existing companies and that would benefit from the minority status we would leverage.

We specialize in generational exits and have broad discretion on deal structure which can be attractive to family business exits. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of these areas.

Specific Current Investment Target(s)

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design:
Mno-Bmadsen is actively looking to acquire anarchitectural firm that incorporates mechanical and electrical engineeringdesign as part of its suite of services. The preferred portfolio company willpossess technical expertise in building information modeling and clash design,while serving federal, healthcare, and industrial clients.  Preferred geographies include Texas (Dallas,San Antonio, Austin) and the wider southwestern United States region, includingPhoenix, Flagstaff, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque).

Utility/Infrastructure company:
We are actively seeking a company in this sector that provides construction and/or services to the utility infrastructure space. Those companies that would provide synergistic opportunities for our existing portfolio holdings are preferred.  


Mno-Bmadsen financial information

Please use the links below to download important documents that inform investing and partnering with Mno-Bmadsen.

Contact us

If you are interested in discussing investment opportunities, please send us a note using this form.

For media inquiries, kindly contact our Vice President of Communications, Micky Martin at (269) 783-4111.


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